County Archive of Oppland

Oppland County Archive was established right after the XVII Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer 1994 to administrate the archives from the Olympic Games and to be an archive depot for Oppland County Administration. Archive storage of both analogue and digital material is one of the basic services. Today the capacity of the storage facility is approximately 25.000 meter shelves for analogue material and 100TB of data storage. All archives are stored in climate controlled storage rooms. The service includes organizing the material, extracting and migrating data from different data systems, registering information and delivering information from the archive to users.

Training and advisory services are high priority services provided by the county archive. By arranging courses and workshops in archive topics and offering consultants to member municipalities, the County Archive works for better records management and document storage in nearby institutions.

Digitalization of archive material is another focus area. With high capacity and special scanners the can offer digitalization of books, audiotapes, photography, maps and drawings and larger document collections.

The archives stored at Oppland County Archives are primarily older paper archives but there are also several photo collections from governmental administration, schools, older cultural heritage sites and landscapes.