THE EXPERTS – partnership programme

The most extensive part of the project is the work carried out by specialists directly in the archives. Most importantly, these activities allow specialists from various countries to exchange innovative ideas and experiences. The result of our training programme is the creation of models of work designed individually for each archive and providing the necessary tools and skills to put them to work. This part of the project is targeted towards a group of experts from partner institutions. They take part in the following activities:

Seminar Workshops
Seminars led by Norwegian and Polish institutions specializing in identification, conservation and digitisation of photography.

Identification and Conservation of Photographic Negative Materials

Date: 1-2.03.2016
Venue: Archaeology of Photography Foundation, Warsaw, Poland
Leading the session: Jens Gold (Preus Museum photograph conservator)

Identification and Conservation of Photographic Collections

Date: 16-18.03.2016
Venue: Preus Museum, Horten, Norway
Leading the session: Jens Gold

Colour Material Digitisation Workshop

Date: 30.03-1.04.2016
​ Venue: NTNU – The Norwegian University of Science and Technology; The Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory, Gjøvik, Norway.
​ Leading the session: An expert from the Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory

STUDY VISITS in European centres for photography. Individual study visits are organized for experts involved in the project. The visits are profiled according to the professional experience of the experts, their current projects, and research interests. Experts visit visited, ex. The Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; The Hercules Laboratory, University of Évora, Portugal; The Museum of Photography, Berlin, Germany; The National Library of Norway, Mo i Rana, Norway

For the duration of the project experts will carry out RESEARCH ON COLLECTIONS at their respective institutions by applying the acquired knowledge in their every-day work. Additionally, an experienced photograph conservator is invited to each of the partner institutions which have their own photographic archives. The conservator creats a COLLECTION CONSERVATION PLAN and delivers professional advice throughout the process.