Sogn og Fjordane County Archives

Sogn og Fjordane County Archives documents, preserves and disseminates municipal archive material, photos, music, place names, private archives and literature from Sogn og Fjordane. The archive work steadfastly at digitizing the collection, and is regarded as playing a leading role within this line of work at a national level in Norway. Sogn og Fjordane County Archives is a relatively new institution, established in 1983, and a substantial part of its work has been project based and focused on developing new and better infrastructure and services. The institution is owned by Sogn og Fjordane County Muncipality and is located in the village of Hermansverk in Leikanger municipality.

In the photo preservation effort, the main aims are to: collect and preserve historical photographs from Sogn og Fjordane; document and disseminate knowledge about the history of photography in Sogn og Fjordane and the photographers from Sogn og Fjordane; and promote the value of photography as a source of cultural historical knowledge.

The photo collection comprises approximately 300.000 photos. The majority of the collection is made up of the negative archives of professional photographers from Sogn og Fjordane. However, the archive also collects and preserves amateur photographs, press photos and photos from private businesses and organizations. The collection spans the years 1860-2015.