Telemark Museum

Telemark Museum covers most of Telemark County, and the eastern part mostly from the city of Kragerø to Ulefoss. It administrates 7 different museums in total covering 115 buildings, 152 000 objects, 2,6 million photo examples, as well as large book and private archives. The Museum was open in 1909.

    Telemark Museum includes:

  • Ibsen Venstøp – Henrik Ibsen’s childhood home
  • Søndre Brekke estate – The manor house at Søndre Brekke is truly magnificent. The building has been restored to the Empire style. The fine park surrounding the manor house is inspired by the English landscaping style. Brekkeparken has been always a park for all the citizens of Skien, open to the public throughout the summer months. 14 farm buildings have been moved to this park and complete this open air museum. Experiences of extravagance and modern theme exhibitions lie side by side in this museum.
  • Ulefos Manor, Cudrio’s Warehouse, Bamble Museum presents an exhibition on coastal life in Telemark,
    Kragerø –  the birthplace of Theodor Kittelsen, illustrator of folk tales, in Norway.

The Telemark Museum photo collections covers several areas of Telemark County, and the photo collections consist of photographic material from 1840’s and until today.

The 2,6 million photo examples in the museum collection, that consists of several photograph business archives, newspaper archives as well as a wide range of Unika examples. There are about 100 eks of Unika In the Telemark Museum Photocollection, and amongst them, the oldest daguerreotype in Norweegian museums today, photographed in London, 1841.

Museum realizes not only the national heritage preservation program but also is active in the field of cultural education i promotion of local tradition.